Mayor’s Biography

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The Mayor of Drama

George Papadopoulos was born in 1967 in Mylopotamos, Drama, where he spent his student years. He graduated from the 2nd General High School of Drama and continued his studies at TEI Kavala, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He served in the Special Forces of the Hellenic Army and in the Marine Battalion. He still lives in Drama with his wife and 2 adult daughters.
Since 1991, he has been active as a freelancer in the field of metal constructions and has extensive experience in designing and studying mechanical applications, both in private and public projects. Since 2012, it has been active in the import and trade of fuels and wood products.

Political career
His self-governing career began in 1999, when he was elected for the first time as President of the Community of Mylopotamos in the self-governing elections as well as a municipal councilor of the Municipality of Drama. In 2000, he was elected as the first councilor in the Industrial Department of the Chamber. In 2002 he was re-elected President of the Local Council of Mylopotamos and Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Drama. He was again elected first in votes Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Drama in 2006 and 2010, while during the two years 2008 & 2009 appointed as Deputy Mayor of Prasinos and Municipal Communities. In 2014, he was elected the second Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Drama and was appointed Deputy Mayor of Technical Services and Deputy Mayor. In 2019, participating in the 2nd degree of Self-Government, he was elected first Regional Councilor in the Regional Unit of Drama and assumed the duties of the rural Deputy Regional Governor of P.E. Drama of the Region of A.M.Th. until 31.12.2021.

Alongside his professional activity and his self-governing course, he was a member of the Municipal Council of DEKPOTA Drama for 14 years, of which 7 he was Vice President.

I commit
“To do everything possible to improve the quality of life of my fellow citizens and that’s why I’m asking for your support! Together we will be able to put an end to situations that make us feel disappointed about our own place!”

Social action
Important points of his social activity are his position as Vice-President and Secretary of the Hunting Association of Drama from 2011 to 2017 and his position as Vice-President of the Pontian Association of Drama “The Komnenoi”. He is also a founding member of the Pontic cultural association “O Pyrrhios”.

He practiced the martial art of Tae Kwon Do for several years from a young age, an activity that strengthened his discipline and self-concentration. In addition, his great love for the mountainous areas led him to excursions to the mountains of almost the entire country where he not only understood the majesty of nature but also recognized the problems of the people living in these remote areas, having already come in contact many times with them.