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Christodoulos Mamsakos was born in 1964 in Drama, is married to Roubini Kouranou and father of two children, Theodora and Evangelos.

He is a graduate accountant-tax consultant and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He has a long professional experience in companies of any type and legal form on the wider region and a rich educational experience as seminars rapporteur in accounting, taxation and human resources.

In 2014 he was elected Mayor of Municipality of Drama with the municipal faction “Enonoume ti Drama”, which he is leading. He is Chairman of DI.A.A.MA.TH. A.A.E. (Development SA Waste Management Company of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace), Chairman of D.E.P.AN. (Greek Cities Network for Development), Manager of KEDE in Greek-German Assembly, Vice President of Strategic Transboundary Cooperation «Nestos – Mesta» of the Community Initiative INTERREG III for the Euroregion Nestos – Mesta, Member of the Commission for Planning, Infrastructure and Environment of KEDE (2014 – 2019), Member of the City Council of Greek Martyr Cities Network, CEO of the Development of Drama SA – Development SA O.T.A. and President of the Schools’ Boards Committees in the Municipality of Drama.

He was President of D.E.Y.A.D. (Municipal Water Works and Sewerage of Municipality of Drama), Vice President of the Municipal Committee of Drama,  Alderman for Technical Services and head of the Office on Planning and European Programmes of Municipality of Drama, Vice President of Awareness & Prevention Center of Municipality of Drama, Special Representative Adviser for Municipality of Drama in European Programmes issues, Board Member of the Municipal Vocational Training (KEK of Municipality of Drama), Chairman of the Legal Entity K.A.P.I. in Xoristi Dramas, Nursery Chairman in Xoristi Dramas, President of the Local Council in Xoristi Dramas, Representative of the City of Drama for cooperation with the Chamber of Drama to develop programs and initiatives.